Uninhibited in lifestyle– meaning that you identify with goals and purposes without any thought of yourself.

Fervent in spirit– think of this as like the contagion in a disease that is usually only found when there is a fever present.

Zealous– this is the ardent, persevering and impassioned desire of supporting a cause or a purposeful pursuit in your life.

“A true leader must set the example. You cannot ask of your subordinates that which you do not demand of yourself. The best leaders make decisions, have a clear sense of mission and express it. They have the courage to do what is right and to make sure that those who are under their authority do the same. Courage, both moral and physical, is a character trait that can infect others.” Secretary of the Navy, Adm. James H. Webb, Jr.

Now is the time for men to accept the spiritual and moral leadership of the home, church and community. We must approach each day conscientiously living out the charasteristics that qualify each of us to become leaders– the  leaders God meant for us to be.